" This review is past due but after recommending Herman Chan to my own mother and everyone I know who is trying to buy a home in the crazy Bay Area market, it's time to give some credit where it's due.
My wife and I had been looking to buy in Alameda for YEARS.  We were working with a sweet old lady, who bless her heart, helped us write numerous offers and in her very old school way, comforted us as each offer was rejected.  We had all but given up on ever becoming homeowners when we were introduced to Herman Chan.  Honestly, my opinion of real estate agents was forever altered as it immediately became apparent that Herman is a total PRO.  
I don't hand out 5 star reviews like Trick or Treats but if I could give Herman 6 stars, I would.  He graciously escorted us to a number of open houses, carefully targeting homes that met our criteria and budget.  He did the necessary research so that he was always prepared with the answers to our questions before we even asked, OR he was able to ask the questions for us, skillfully navigating the sharky waters of this real estate biz. He quickly built rapport with other agents, getting the inside scoop on nearby comps, pros and cons of a particular home and communicating clearly with my wife and I throughout the entire process.  He enjoyed our kids tagging along and never once became pushy, impatient or annoyed with our needs and wishes.  Somehow, Herman even made the entire home buying process FUN.  And believe me, before we were working with him, the process had become anything but fun.
When we found the perfect house, Herman helped us craft an offer that was built in a way that the seller could hardly refuse.  Herman guided us through the process, communicating efficiently and clearly with the seller and us.  Having Herman on our team, we felt comfortable throughout the entire process.  As these transactions go, this one became complicated and at one point, due to some degree of incompetence on the part of our lender, the deal seemed to be falling apart.  Herman literally saved the entire deal, going above and beyond to be sure we closed on time.  It was amazing to watch him work and I will be forever grateful for the efforts that he put forth to help us buy our first home.
A year later, we are still in our wonderful old Alameda Victorian.  Herman Chan deserves so much of the credit for helping seal the deal.  Thank you, Herman.
Herman is a delight to work with and when the time comes to buy or sell again, he is the only one person I will be working with."

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