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Stellar client Reviews



"Seriously Herman and his team are dream boats. I'm cynical in that I think most modern realtors are armed with technology to be responsive and pretty connected but Herman doesn't sleep and is a supreme advisor to boot. He's been around the block and is an expert in the field. We relied heavily on him as an advisor all along the way, which is why we will always work with him."

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"Herman was great to work with. Professional and knowledgeable. Great communication and always available. Coordinated perfect photos and inspections quickly and at our convenience. We interviewed 3 top realtors and loved the enthusiasm and energy Herman brought to the sale. Herman is well connected in the area and brought many potential buyers to see our property immediately."
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"If you're buying a house, especially in the Bay Area, it's a huge advantage to have Herman on your team. He makes it look easy, but he works super hard and is a real pro."

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AUBREY E. & BRIAN W.  |  Google Engineer & Psychologist

"I cannot rave enough about the care and service we've received with Herman as our agent in buying our new home in Oakland, CA!! He is simply the best real estate agent you can imagine, but first I'll do this review in my usual yelp style and then gush more about Herman below with specific examples of how he's helped us ..."

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  • extremely KNOWLEDGEABLE about everything real estate-related in the Bay Area (decades of living and working in this area mean Herman really is omniscient when it comes to real estate!)
  • very RESPONSIVE almost to a fault (answering emails and calls at all hours of the day and night--the man does not sleep! He is constantly working to make sure his clients are taken care of in every way)
  • excellent NEGOTIATING SKILLS with other agents to make sure you come out on top, whether you're buying or selling
  • super FRIENDLY, caring, and truly looking out for your best interests when house hunting and when closing the deal--he's not just your agent but also your friend, counselor, adviser, role model (yeah, I kinda want to be like Herman when I grow up!)


  • none at all. Seriously not one single thing wrong with this wonderful agent!

And here are a few (out of the many) examples of how Herman has gone above-and-beyond for us in our house hunt:

When we came out to the Bay Area from DC, we had no clue what we were doing. Herman sent us detailed emails with links to resources to look over. He asked us all the right questions to help us narrow down our search and figure out what made the most sense for our situation.

Once we had narrowed down our desired areas, Herman made sure to scour all the listings and made sure we were able to visit all of the places that might be a good fit (including places that hadn't hit the market yet because of his incredible network and good relationships with other agents in the area)

The adorable turn-of-the-century Victorian we decided to make an offer on is a bit of a fixer upper--Herman made sure our inspection was very thorough and incredibly helpful (again, he knows everything and everybody so we had the best service for each aspect of our purchase)

Herman knew how to negotiate and actually managed to get us a great deal on our home, despite this being a total seller's market these days! (He's a miracle worker!)

When issues popped up with the house as we got close to closing, Herman was quick to meet with plumbers, spend days of his time making sure everything was taken care of and perfect before our move in. Herman is a totally handsome, super dapper and suave man but he isn't afraid to wade through the mud (literally) to make sure sewer-lateral and other work is in compliance for his clients! Omg we could never have gotten to closing without Herman going above-and-beyond for us!!

Herman is always doing a ton of things behind the scenes that you may not even know about--in our case, he had purchased us a warranty on the appliances in our home--we didn't even know about it until we were potentially needing to have some repairs done and he was like, "Oh, you have a warranty on that--I got it for you a while ago." WHAT?! The man is amazing and always looking out for you in every way!

Even since we've moved in and are settling in our home, Herman continues to check on us to make sure everything is going well. He has set us up with contractors, handymen/women, given us advice on things that we can do to add value to our home. He truly is a friend as well as an agent. We love Herman!

I am so grateful that we've been able to work with Herman. We recommend him to anybody we know who is selling or buying in the Bay Area. Herman is simply the best!

ELIZABETH& LUKE D.  |  Partner CPA Firm &  Artist

"This review is past due but after recommending Herman Chan to my own mother and everyone I know who is trying to buy a home in the crazy Bay Area market, it's time to give some credit where it's due.

My wife and I had been looking to buy in Alameda for YEARS.  We were working with a sweet old lady, who bless her heart, helped us write numerous offers and in her very old school way, comforted us as each offer was rejected.  We had all but given up on ever becoming homeowners when we were introduced to Herman Chan.  Honestly, my opinion of real estate agents was forever altered as it immediately became apparent that Herman is a total PRO."

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I don't hand out 5 star reviews like Trick or Treats but if I could give Herman 6 stars, I would. He graciously escorted us to a number of open houses, carefully targeting homes that met our criteria and budget. He did the necessary research so that he was always prepared with the answers to our questions before we even asked, OR he was able to ask the questions for us, skillfully navigating the sharky waters of this real estate biz. He quickly built rapport with other agents, getting the inside scoop on nearby comps, pros and cons of a particular home and communicating clearly with my wife and I throughout the entire process. He enjoyed our kids tagging along and never once became pushy, impatient or annoyed with our needs and wishes. Somehow, Herman even made the entire home buying process FUN. And believe me, before we were working with him, the process had become anything but fun.

When we found the perfect house, Herman helped us craft an offer that was built in a way that the seller could hardly refuse. Herman guided us through the process, communicating efficiently and clearly with the seller and us. Having Herman on our team, we felt comfortable throughout the entire process. As these transactions go, this one became complicated and at one point, due to some degree of incompetence on the part of our lender, the deal seemed to be falling apart. Herman literally saved the entire deal, going above and beyond to be sure we closed on time. It was amazing to watch him work and I will be forever grateful for the efforts that he put forth to help us buy our first home.

A year later, we are still in our wonderful old Alameda Victorian. Herman Chan deserves so much of the credit for helping seal the deal. Thank you, Herman.

Herman is a delight to work with and when the time comes to buy or sell again, he is the only one person I will be working with."


"Herman is above and beyond amazing! I've had the pleasure of working with him for two separate home purchases and he has consistently provided stellar service. He answers calls and emails promptly. He's smart, professional, and reliable (and has a fun sense of humor). 

Here's one example of his awesomeness. During our most recent purchase, while we were in contract for the home, the house was vandalized. When we found out, Herman came to meet us at the house, walk through it noting the damage, and fought on our behalf to get the house repaired back to its original state before our loan lock expired. Despite the fact that we were stressed and worried about repairs, and the seller living in another city, Herman helped us keep a cool head with frequent updates while simultaneously working his tail off to keep the sale on track and the sellers on schedule. I'm so glad we had him. 

If you're buying a house, especially in the Bay Area, it's a huge advantage to have Herman on your team. He makes it look easy, but he works super hard and is a real pro."

PAKU & SOPHIA A.  |  International Law Attorney

"Herman deserves 100 stars.  5 is not enough!  He has incredible energy and patience and never rushed us at all.  He is unbelievably knowledgeable about all things real estate, and he knows everyone and everyone knows him.  He also knows how to get tricky issues resolved in a fair and honest way. We just bought a house with Herman as our agent, and as bad as buying a house in these parts is, Herman made it far simpler and more enjoyable than we could have imagined, even with several curveballs during the process."

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He is totally available at pretty much all times of the day or night, and is the perfect antidote for someone who is agonizing over the process of buying a house like our family was before we met Herman. We would routinely be looking at online house ads at 1 or 2am, and send Herman a bunch of questions. Amazingly, we would get responses back instantaneously that were short and right to the point. We literally sent 100s of emails/online postings Herman's way, and he never failed to respond to a single one. Herman's energy levels and his thoroughness are quite incredible.

Herman's team at Sotheby's is also superb and complement Herman's own first-rate service in every way.

He is both an exceptional person and an agent. Simply put, we loved working with him."

ADAM G.  |  VMware Director

"Herman Chan is a stellar realtor.  There are some times in life when you have to drop everything and acknowledge excellence.  It's my pleasure to write a review for Herman because he did a phenomenal job for us.  Everything he does is top flight.  Herman came in and presented a plan that got our attention and made it easy to thank the other agents we spoke with.  It's clear that he knows the market, the buying trends, pricing strategies, and most importantly how to correctly market a property to drive interest.  Herman sold our house in 6 days.  We received multiple offers after having over 90 people to our open house weekend." 

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Other realtors told us it would take 2-3 months to sell the house. To say we were impressed is putting it mildly. The photos and videos were absolutely world class. Herman brought in a photographer who did all the still work, drone photography, and he used a Matterport to build a 3D walk through video model. And then he marketed our house like crazy - which resulted in us getting acknowledged as "property of the week" and a lot of eyeballs were on our property. You will pay a little more - but Herman is worth it as we would not have gotten the price we received without his efforts. And he didn't stop looking after us after the offer was accepted. He was there with us every step of the way until escrow closed. He advocated for us at every turn. Herman is an outstanding agent, and we highly highly highly recommend him. And he is a super nice guy and very enjoyable to spend time with."

WYKING G.  |  UC Berkeley Basketball Head Coach

"Herman, today is an awesome day for our family and we appreciate you soo much for your patience and guidance the  past 5 months. Your professionalism and charm makes you great at what you do."

CHAR J.  |  Mercedez-Benz Sales Director

"Wish I could write a book about how awesome Herman is! Very responsive, patient, attentive, knowledgeable, realistic and absolutely HILARIOUS! I am forever grateful for the countless emails that he responded to when I was up panicking at 1:00am and he literally would respond 4 minutes later! I'm not big on writing reviews but I felt that if I didn't write one somebody else would miss out on the amazing experience that is Herman Chan! Is it possible to love your Realtor? Because I love mine!"

LAUREN & BRANDON  |  Christian Dior & Goldman-Sachs

"The best decision we ever made was choosing Herman to help buy our first home. As our home search processes unfolded we discovered many colleagues and friends who had worked with him before and all raved about him too! Once we found a home, he worked even harder to make sure we checked all the boxes, never once leaving any detail out. Finding a home in San Francisco can be tough and challenging, but Herman always saw the glass as half full. A joy to work with to say the least! He put a smile on our face with every email and call. He is a part of the family now and we can't wait to buy our next home with him too once our family grows!"

MOLLY B.  |  Executive Producer & Co-host at Big Picture Science

"Herman. Is. The. Best.  It's that simple.  He was our real estate agent when my husband and I sold our condo AND also when we bought a new house.  Herman was on top of everything - he's efficient, smart, positive, knows the business, knows how  to prioritize and keeping things moving.  He was the one who spotted what would be our new (dream) house - and then talked us through our bid, kept track of paperwork, went out of his way to keep ahead of the details that would otherwise overwhelm a first time buyer/seller, even arranging to have a toilet fixed that broke a day before the condo went on sale.  I blinked and the problem was solved. Herman made one of the most potentially stressful endeavors;  house selling/buying -  fun and EASY, if you can believe that.   Everything feels as though it's in safe hands with him!"